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American Tours

The tours mentionned are taking place on the different areas of the American sectors codenamed Omaha and Utah. They are organised so that all the various places that saw action on D-Day and later, can be visited. The landings on those two beaches had been completely opposite: the one on Utah was D-Day’s greatest success […]

British Tours

These tours put the accent on the role of the commandos and the paratroopers in Sword beach sector. See how these elite units, who were within the very first soldiers to land by air or sea, prepared the terrain, fought bravely and tenaciously the Germans units. Then, they held non stop the whole right flank […]

Canadian Tours

These tours will cover the actions of Canadian forces from D-Day to the end of the battle of Normandy through the various objectives, operations and offensives undertaken in June, July and August 1944. We’ll see how the volunteers of the Canadian army, throughout the whole campaign, dealt with a difficult landing, a coverless terrain and […]